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About Motiontoons

We are a creative team of writers, designers and animators. We have decades of experience in the creative industry that are as smart, as they are effective. Videos have always been our passion and at motiontoons we use all the technology it takes to bring in amazing and engaging explainer videos to life.

Our Process


We send you a brief to collect all information to understand the message you would like to convey to your audience.

Voice Over

We are tied up with a professional and native English speaking voice talent who help us to get the voice that suits your vision.


Here we convert your script to visuals scene by scene in the form of slides so you understand how the video is going to look like.


Here we bring the visuals and voice together with sounds effects and background music to give life to your video.

Final Delivery:

A high quality video file is delivered in mp4 format, so it fits in almost all the platforms.

Final Delivery

A high quality video file is delivered in mp4 format, so it fits in almost all the platforms.


Giving life to your imagination
2D animation
Give life to your imagination with 2D animated explainer videos. In this type, we create unique style and content that can easily attract your audience. With scenes created in 2D space, your imagination is your limit to what can be achieved. These videos are narrated through cute characters, motion elements and simplified script which easily can touch the emotional strings of your audience.
Giving life to your imagination
A professional 3D animated video
3D animation
3D animation A professional 3D animated video could be really amazing since there are no limits to what a 3D video can accomplish. It’s mostly used for commercial purposes because of its high quality and for its state-of-the-art feel that can make your brand be noticed in an instant. The 3D objects can be rotated and moved like real objects making the viewer feel immersed in the video.
A professional 3D animated video
Audience Engaging Videos
Whiteboard videos:
Whether you are looking for a marketing video or an in-house learning material, whiteboard animations can easily keep your audience engaged. It’s a simple concept of narration and drawing pictures on a whiteboard yet powerful enough to get your message delivered.
Audience Engaging Videos



Explainer videos are so effective because they combine audio and visual stimulusly to explain a concept in a simple and understandable way. Instead of just providing text or audio, they use both, which is proven to increase message retention.


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